Ayurveda and Mental Health

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Ayurveda And Mental Health

Ayurveda and Mental Health

It is not always the symptoms of the disease that a patient has to deal with before it gets cured. It affects more than your physical health. The mind has to deal with constant thoughts of negativity at times, making it very difficult for the individual. This is especially true for cancer patients. The name cancer invokes such dread in the minds and souls of the people that half of their confidence drops before the beginning of treatments. From cancer diagnosis to treatment and to the cure, a person gets completely exhausted to the core.

As challenging as the process is, the patient needs constant support and assurance from his loved ones. It becomes essentially important to monitor and cater to mental health. All the stages before and after the disease are complicated and can often be confusing as well. Checking up on the people, maintaining track of health records, organizing counseling sessions, and understanding them are the key elements of the entire process.

Causes of development of cancer

Generally, the mutations in the DNA of normal and healthy cells lead to the rapid multiplication of the cells. The cells overcrowd the surrounding cells which might be leading to the crushing and the formation of tumors.

The major issues which one faces during the process are:


The primary to notice and deal with is the physical and mental exhaustion that one has to deal with. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are so tiring that it tends to make the person lethargic and devoid of energy. The mind loses alertness which leads to passiveness.


The levels of anxiety may increase during the treatment. It is not easy for everyone to cope effectively and with confidence. Being one of the toughest phases of life, one requires a lot of effort to think and behave normally.

Emotional Breakdown

Depending on the complexity of the disease, the behavior of an individual is modified and affected. The hormonal functioning fluctuates at times and the person may undergo an emotional breakdown and feelings of pity, disappointment, and hurt may prevail.


Issues of depression may prevail if the disease is persistent for a long time. The kind of issues that a person has to deal with emotionally can lead to mental numbness. Emotions like anger, sadness, and moodiness are quite common occurrences. There is a lack of interest in major day-to-day activities. A hard time is experienced when the individual identity is questioned and the meaning of life gets uncertain at some points.

Physical Symptoms

Some issues like muscle tension, restlessness, trouble while focusing, angry outbursts, dry mouth, and uncontrollable worry can be observed. Weight and skin changes occur along with pain and several other things.

What could be the methods of coping with cancer?

Ayurveda suggests a variety of therapies and natural techniques that can help overcome the mental stress related to cancer. It guides people to lead a healthy lifestyle that ensures a good biological cycle. Various lifestyle techniques like Yoga, meditation, and relaxing therapies can be a part of life to help in recovery and relief of symptoms.

Yoga is essential in modern times when the mind is constantly equipped with tension and diseases. Restorative Yoga and gentle hatha yoga are some of the forms that can lead to calming the body and mind. The various asanas or physical poses can help in making one physically active.

Breathing Exercises
These are known to be helpful in dealing with anxiety. Improvements can be observed when mind-relaxing exercises are performed. It helps in improving the circadian rhythm too. The use of such techniques helps in strengthening respiratory functions and thereby makes the immune system stronger.

Meditation is important to help get relief from stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. It is a method used to enhance the concentration and focusing abilities of the mind.

Ayurveda To The Rescue

In the branch of Ayurveda, the term cancer is referred to as ‘Arbuda’ while the non-malignant tumors are called ‘Granti’. The issues are dealt with in terms of inflammatory and non-inflammatory swellings. The cause of cancer is known to be imbalances in the body’s metabolism. The treatments are based on the levels of severity, and physical, and mental strength of the patient.

The preliminary signs and symptoms of the disease are analyzed. It focuses on healthy food habits so that the circadian rhythm or the sleep-wake cycle is improved. Anticancer treatments aim to bring balance to the body. The mind, body, and spirit are aligned through internal self-healing processes. The purification and Panchkarma therapies are helpful in detoxifying the body to a great extent.

The areas of occurrence and the nature of the tumor are the determining factors in the treatments. The herbs are used to cleanse the body and heal through various ointments. It aims to promote good health with proper nutrition and dietary habits. An overall health balance is expected out of the therapies.

The rich knowledge of Ayurveda enables the promotion of lifestyle changes through the use of natural immunity boosters. A good routine needs to be followed where the mind stays fresh. A personal journal can be maintained along with developing reading habits. It strengthens the mind and diverts attention to positivity.
When the issues start occurring in the metabolism or the ‘Agni’ factor, certain toxins or ‘Ama’ are formed. In such cases, cleansing is a good option where environmental and psychological ailments are treated. It restores well-being and the recurrence of diseases.

Nutritional psychology is also associated with the conditions prevailing in the body. Warm and soft foods are generally advised for intake to maintain the smooth functioning of the body. Also, inadequate sleep can impair the cognitive abilities of an individual which leads to an increased level of anxiety and concentration issues. Therefore, such measures are essential to a happy and healthy life.

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