Breast cancer in men

Know More About Breast cancer in men

Though breast cancer in men is a rare phenomenon, it has the possibility of occurring. Generally, it is found to be occurring more in women than in men. There is no age for its development. However, it is most commonly observed in older men. The entire breast tissue is surrounded by lymph nodes, ducts, fatty tissues, and several others.

When identified at an early stage, it has a high chance of getting cured. Every human being is born with some amount of breast tissue. In females, it develops during puberty while in men it does not. Since there is the presence of breast tissue in men, they are vulnerable to breast cancer.

Causes of breast cancer in men

  • The reasons behind the development of breast cancer are not clear. The division in the breast cells that occurs rapidly as compared to normal healthy body cells leads to the development of breast cancer in men. This proliferation leads to the accumulation of the cells forming a tumor. These cancerous cells may also spread to other parts of the body as well. This causes its spread in the entire body.
  • The chances of developing breast cancer increase when the individual has a close female relative suffering from breast cancer. Mutations in a gene named BRCA2 can lead to this health condition too.
  • Also, if the person is dealing with gtnaecomastia, that is, enlargement of breasts, he can develop the symptoms. The cause behind enlarged breast tissue can be a hormone or drug treatment, use of any poison or handling any infection. 
  • If the patient has been exposed to long hours of radiation on chest, the risk o getting breast cancer is increased.
  • Intake of estrogen, obesity, and issues in liver like cirrhosis may lead to breast cancer in men. Certain genetic conditions like Klinefelter’s syndrome, health problems like mumps orchitis, an undescended testicle, or a testicular injury can also cause such issues.

Types of breast cancer in men

Depending on the origin of cancer cells in particular areas, the types of breast cancer in men are:

Ductal Carcinoma

In this case, the cancer cells are present in the breast ducts but are non-invasive. This signifies that the fatty tissue present inside and around is not affected by them. Also known as intraductal carcinoma, this is usually treated with the help of radiation therapies and the surgery.

Infilterating Breast Cancer

This is an invasive and commonly occurring form of cancer that starts forming in the breast ducts and has the potential to reach out to other parts of the area as well. It enters the fatty tissue around the breast and causes the infection to spread. This type is called invasive ductal carcinoma. However, its another type is invasive lobular carcinoma that occurs in the lobules or the glands that are responsible for producing milk.

Other forms of cancer that might occur in the men’s body include inflammatory cancer and Paget’s disease of the nipple.

Signs and Symptoms

The common signs and symptoms of the disease observed are :

  • Formation of a group of cells, called as lump or a kind of thickening, in the breast tissue is usually observed by the healthcare specialist.
  • Any kind of discharge from the nipples could be a possible signifier of the breast cancer.
  • Skin changes can also be experienced by the patient like puckering, redness, dimpling, or scaling.
  • Other changes that can possibly observed are scaling and redness. The areolar area along with nipple can turn inward.
  • The severe symptom that might be observed in this condition is bleeding from either of the nipple.


Usually, the diagnosing techniques are similar to those performed during breast cancer in females. These are:


Biopsy is an efficient way of finding the presence of cancerous cells in the tissue. A specialized thin needle is inserted into the tissue to collect the sample and then analyze it under the microscope. This also helps in determining if the cancer is low-grade or high-grade and if the attack can be regressive or aggressive.

Imaging Tests

These include tests like X-Rays, ultrasounds, and several others. The imaging tests are responsible for the production of detailed images of the body internally. Other tests like mammogram are also performed. This includes sound waves using which the images are produced.

Clinical Examination

This involves physical examinatio where the doctor uses his hands to feel any kind of lumps, or any other changes like swelling or thickening. The specialist will access if the formations are close to the muscles or skin.

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

It is a kind of body scan that uses a magnet linked to a computer. The MRI scan will make detailed pictures of areas inside the breast.

Also, based on the diagnosis, the stages and severity of diseases are determined. This will help to decide the pathway for treatment and the combination of drugs and medicines. The factors for deciding the stages include presence of receptors for progesterone, estrogen. HER2, and levels of division of cells.

What side effects could be posed by these treatments?

  • During the hormone therapy, the individual may feel more tired than usual. There could possibly be issue switch the digestive system and you may feel sick. Constipation or diarrhoea can be observed. There could be development of pain in the joints, weight gain, or even hair thinning. Risk of blood clots formation increases along with headcahes and memory problems.
  • Chemotherapy may cause pain and discomfort due to nerve damage, headaches., feeling tired, and dealing with hair loss issues as well. There could be stomach pain, muscle pain, and exhaustion as well.
  • Radiation therapy may lead to certain changes in the skin like blistering, dryness, peeling, and itching. In the case of any serious damage, the doctor can recommend some lotions. It can also cause shortness of breath, fatigue, breast soreness, cough, shoulder stiffness, and an increased risk of radiation fibrosis.
  • The breast can undergo a temporary swelling after the surgery. Swelling due to formatio of fluid called seroma can occur that requires to be drained. Change in size, shape, and feeling of tender sensation in the tissue can also be experienced.


Here are the major treatments available for the treatment of breast cancer.


The primary treatment available for treating brest cancer in men is surgery. These can be performed in two ways.

The doctor can remove the lymph nodes called sentinel lymph node biopsy. Since lymph nodes are the major areas for spread, these are tested first. If the tumor cells are found, more of them re removed and tested. If not, then it might signify that the cancer has not spread further.

Mastectomy is another way of treating the cancer. Here, the doctor removes the entire breast tissue icluding both areola and the nipple.

Hormone Therapy

Sometimes, the breast cancer developed in men grow out of the interaction taking place between the hormones. In a way, the tumor cells are hormone sensitive and rely for their growth on them. Therefore, the specialist will probably administer you with the hormone therapy. Use of medicines like tamoxifen is done to cure the breast cancer.


The use of this therapy involves the application of specific chemicals or drugs that are used to kill the cancer cells. These can be used in the form of a pill or given intravenously, that is, through a vein. In the cases of advanced breast cancer, chemotherapy can be considered as a good option.

Radiation Therapy

The use of substances like protons or the X-Ray beams ensures that the cancer cells are targeted through high energy beams and destroyed. It is used for removing the leftover cancer cells that might be present in the breast, armpits, or any of the chest muscles.

What role Ayurveda can play to heal your body?

The Ayurveda is a traditional system of healing that leads to purifying the body and healing it completely. It focuses on the root causes that are eliminated from the body naturally through a gradual process. Use of certain medication and drugs that are herbal in nature along with various therapies that are administered to help body deal with the infectious agents. The field is pseudoscientific and has its historical roots in Indian medical system.

The beliefs held by Ayurveda are state that the health problems occur due to the issues in a person’s consciouness (probably stress) or an imbalance in the body. It focuses on three major energy principles, that is, Vata (energy of movement). Pitta (energy of metabolism/digestion), and Kapha (energy of structure and lubrication). It promotes following a healthy lifestyle through right and balanced diet, use of natural herbs in situations of stress, and maintaining a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Why Karma Ayurveda?

Karma Ayurveda is a name that has established itself through years with their best results and revolutionary treatments. It has made the inculcation of tradiional medicine system in modern medical field possible. Ayurveda has helped the doctors to understand the malfunctioning occuring at cellular level and treat it through intake of natural substances and therapies.

The patients here are treated with the help of methods like meditative healing, cupping therapy,Kshar Sutra, Panchakarma therapies, detox sessions, and Yoga sessions. The assistance and supervision of experienced and qualified Ayurvedachryas will help in learning the patients better about their bodies and working upon them. If offers the state-of-art facilities at its multispeciality ayurvedic centre and aims at keeping patients fit through inpatient care and consumption of Satvik Aahaar.