Food Habits: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment

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Food Habits: Before, During, And After Cancer Treatment

Food Habits: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment

The diet of cancer patients is not similar to a healthy person’s diet. It has to be modified as per the health of the patient and the stage of cancer. During this condition, the body may require more protein and calories. Consumption of a lot of vegetables, fruits, cereals, and whole grain bread is recommended to the patients. Sometimes, extra cheese, milk, and eggs might also be advised to consume.

To handle the treatments and cope up with your side effects it is important to maintain some healthy diet habits. Eating healthy and enough food might become challenging at times. Sometimes issues while chewing and swallowing may occur that will need to make you include gravies and sauces in your diet. , also high fiber foods are preferred.

Before the Treatment

Before the treatment begins, one does not know how the treatment will interfere with the body’s functioning. A healthy diet should be taken before the cancer treatment begins and the weight should be maintained the same. This will help you to maintain your strength and reduce the risks of infections. also, it will help in coping with side effects in a better way and experiencing better recovery.

All kinds of medications that are being consumed by you in advance should be told to the doctors so that the diet can be modified accordingly. Discussing eating habits helps in managing and coping with the treatments. Since every person’s body functions in a different manner, the food needs, digestion process, and absorption might be varied.

During the Treatment

During the treatment, plenty of calories and protein should be consumed. Eating when you are most high on your appetite is also great. For most people, such a diet occurs in the morning. There must not be any breaks in the meals. Proper food items should be consumed along with liquid meal replacements for extra nutrition. Drinking ample amounts of liquids helps to maintain nutrition and hydration levels.

After Treatment

Consumption of hot liquids like tea, coffee, and soup help in providing relief from constipation.

Foods like cooked dried beans, peas, whole grain bread and cereals, and dried foods should be taken for fiber. This way you can increase the amount of fiber gradually.

Instead of taking three large meals, one should focus on the smaller meals frequently during the day. One should eat 5 to 6 times in smaller proportions. The liquids and foods that are high in potassium and sodium can help in dealing with diarrhea.

Try pureed cooked foods or soups so that they are easy to chew, swallow, and digest. Food can be moistened using salad, sauces, and gravy.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurveda is a many thousand years long area that has been dealing with natural ways of healing. It involves the aspects of disease prevention, natural remedies, a healthy lifestyle, and body cleansing therapies. It aims to integrate the modern world with its oldest forms and traditions of medicine. According to Ayurveda, no disease can trigger without some imbalance of the tridosha.

Cancer happens when an imbalance of all three doshas proceeds. Herbal products can be trusted and hopeful for cancer treatment because of their low toxic effect. The diverse herbal products were reported to downplay the side effects of treatment, reduce stress, and improve the quality of life. Herbal compounds have a variety of anticancer activities as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-mutagenic that may help prevent cancer in the early stages of life.
Panchkarma therapies help to achieve a balanced state of body, spirit, and mind. It ensures 100% safe herbal treatment with no major side effects. It understands the ‘Prakriti’ or body constitution in detail and provides treatments by Ayurveda laws and beliefs. It promotes harmony between life and the environment.

Treatments like Virechanam, Basti, Nasyam, Vaman, and Rakta Moksha Sanam are helpful to heal the body and rejuvenate it. They aim towards eliminating the toxins of the human body. This system of medicine has existed for years and has been contributing to the good health and well-being of people. The Ayurvedic approach heals the body through the correct diet, and lifestyle, and builds strong immunity levels.

The herbal extracts of herbs like lichens, Angelica, and Juniperus are known to be effective against tumor cell progression. The changes in diets are made and the individual is made to follow a Sattvic Ahaar diet that helps in curing the imbalances of doshas in the body.

Ashwagandha helps deal with metabolism and hence prevents cellular division. Curcumin is adaptogenic and boosts the immunity levels in the body to fight infections. Tulsi is an antioxidant that helps in the removal of free radicals from the body. The self-healing concept is central to the field of Ayurveda.

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