What Foods Help Prevent Breast Cancer Risk?

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What Foods Help Prevent Breast Cancer Risk?

As per stats, around 2,64,000 breast cancer cases are reported annually in the United States. Of these, about 42000 women die each year from breast cancer.

Varied factor influences the probability of cancer involving genetics and lifestyle. Though there is no certain way to stop breast cancer. But there are several things that you can do by yourself that might help you increase or decrease the breast cancer risk. It’s only your food that works as a medicine or a herb to benefit your health. Breast cancer treatment starts from your home kitchen itself.

Preventing Breast cancer with Food

You are what you eat. People nowadays drool over smelling junk foods that are nothing but merely a trap and a quick fix to satiate their hunger cravings for unhealthy food. It doesn’t do well anymore. Instead, it increases the chances of being sick healthwise. While good food impacts your health in a positive way.

Everything that lures your tongue is never good. Fruits and Vegetables are the best foods that can prevent breast cancer. They have phytochemicals, and these usually have antioxidant and cancer-preventive properties. Generally, you should eat at least four or more servings of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Add green leafy, and nutrient-rich vegetables to your daily meal plan. Adequate amount of water to flush out the toxins from your body. So, food plays a significant role in the betterment of your health.

Falling under the risk factors of breast cancer, you must pay careful attention to this blog. You learn about the foods that are helpful in breast cancer prevention.

Breast Cancer-Fighting food you can add to the meal

Scientifically, the foods mentioned below have anti-cancer properties. Below we have enlisted some foods that aid in breast cancer prevention.


Berries for breast cancer

Berries contain antioxidants like anthocyanins and flavonoids. These protect the body cells from damage and halt cancer cell development. Higher consumption of blueberries can reduce the risk of estrogen receptor-negative (ER–) breast cancer.


Garlic for breast cancer

Allium vegetables are beneficial, involving garlic, spring onions, and onions. All of these have organosulfur compounds, flavonoid antioxidants, and Vitamin C. As a seasoning, you can eat garlic in dal or curries. You can add raw onions to the salads.

Green leafy Vegetables

Green leafy Vegetables for breast-cancer

Green leafy is always the best food with antioxidant properties that help remove toxins from the blood. It is a nutrient-dense vegetable with folate, a B vitamin (anti-cancer nutrient).
So, you must add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Cook greens like spinach, mustard-green, moringa leaf, and methi are either used as curries or dal.

Cruciferous Vegetables

broccoli for breast cancer

Cruciferous vegetables, also known as “Phytochemical powerhouses, ” comprise broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Nutrient enriched with anti-cancer properties.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits for breast cancer

Citrus fruits include lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit as a mid-meal snack. It contains Vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, and carotenoids, making the fruits ideal food against breast cancer.

Owing to this, citrus fruits have anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Apple, Peach, and Pear

Apple Peach and Pear for breast cancer

An apple keeps a doctor away. The quote is true when it comes to Breast cancer prevention. Since polyphenol antioxidants in apples, peaches, and pears hamper the growth and spread of breast cancer cells.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods for breast cancer

Food products like yogurt, sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kefir grains are natural probiotics that improve the body’s immune system. According to studies, scientists proclaimed that daily fermented foods lower the risk of breast cancer.

Fatty Fish

Salmon for breast cancer

Fatty fish, including salmon, sardines, and so on, contains omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and selenium. The intake of fatty fish and thus avoiding processed foods will balance omega-3 to omega-6. It aids in lowering inflammation and decreases the risk of chronic disease.


Walnuts for breast cancer

Walnuts have phytosterols and are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.
Due to this, walnuts obstruct the estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells, slowing down cell growth.


Pomegranate for breast cancer

Eating or drinking pomegranate juice helps or prevents slowing down the growth of some types of breast cancer. Since it contains phytochemicals known as ellagitannins having an antioxidant effect.

Bottom Line

Likewise, those mentioned above, there are other food products as well which safeguard your body against breast cancer. The foods you need for breast cancer treatment are mostly you can find in your home kitchen. Aside from following a nutrient-rich food for breast cancer, get time-to-time breast cancer screenings and tests done. So you can be affirmed of the chances and take necessary breast cancer prevention steps. You need to be cautious about this if you fall under the risk factors of breast cancer.

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